Groups Like Cane Bay Cares Help St. Croix Recover from a Devastating Hurricane Season

The United States Virgin Islands are truly beautiful, but also very vulnerable. Every so often, a powerful tropical storm descends on the islands and wreaks havoc. In the worst of cases, many lose their lives and recovery can take years or longer.

Fortunately, the Virgin Islands have started to hold up better to such unavoidable natural assaults and to recover from them more quickly. This progress can be credited, in large part, to organizations that are dedicated to providing whatever types of aid and support might be needed. An international management consulting firm based in the Virgin Islands called Cane Bay Partners, for example, has made a much needed difference recently through its Cane Bay Cares nonprofit.

Responding Quickly and Decisively When Help is Needed the Most

The fall of 2017 was an especially difficult time for the United States Virgin Islands. In quick succession, two Category 5 storms made landfall and left almost unfathomable destruction in their combined wake. The heavily populated island of St. Croix absorbed a large amount of this damage, with buildings all over it reduced to rubble and families everywhere left homeless, injured, and in desperate need of help.

Instead of waiting for assistance from elsewhere, organizations all over the islands sprung into action to do everything they possibly could right away. From the Boys and Girls Club to homegrown groups like the St. Croix Foundation, support started pouring in from many different places.

Cane Bay Cares proved to be one of the most important pieces of the system that developed as a result. Quickly bringing in supplies from the United States mainland and elsewhere, the group set about raising more funds and coordinating the activities of the many helping on the ground.

Looking Toward an Even Brighter Future

Thanks to this rapid and effective response, countless residents of St. Croix and others of the U.S. Virgin Islands found their road to recovery cleared. With the most pressing and significant needs being addressed first, the human toll was kept to an absolute minimum in spite of so much physical destruction. Groups like Cane Bay Cares are now focusing on the longer term goal of rebuilding St. Croix such that it will suffer less from the storms the future will surely bring.

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