What is the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Mobile App Design?

From Uber’s Self-driving car to Amazon’s delivery drones, and Starbucks Chatbots – we have witnessed the application of AI in various business verticals. The technology, with its potential to mimic the human knowledge, has revolutionized the traditional professionals and have cut down the efforts of the humans. And gladly, Designing is one of these professions.

The Artificial Intelligence has come up as a ‘weapon of success’ for mobile app designers by streamlining their work and adding value to the design world. And in the future, the technology is going to boost the design automation process in multifold ways.

Does that sound interesting? Wish to know how AI is revolutionizing the present and future of the product design industry? We will cover some of the applications of AI in the design world in this article (with real examples):-

6 Ways AI is Revamping the Future of Mobile App Design

Perform Odd Jobs at Designing Place

The AI-based machines and tools will accomplish the tasks of image cropping, color enhancement, etc. This will provide the mobile app designers with enough time to enhance their productivity. One such example is Airbnb. The brand introduced the technology into their working to discover sketches and turn them into coding instantly. In this way, they have made the designers available to come up with innovative product design strategies and add value to their business.

  1. Add a Pinch of Personalization

The AI-enabled tools and plugins will help every web and mobile app development company to make better personalization strategies. It will gather a treasure trove of user data, including the day of the week, the time of the day, the device user is using, the page viewed the most by the user, the interactions ratio, etc. These insights will help to understand the user behavior and market trends, which will further boost to deliver a personalized experience to the target user base.

  1. Create generative Visual Styles

The Artificial Intelligence technology will also contribute to add filters to photos and videos and enhance them smartly. As you might have seen in the case of Prisma app, the AI will identify what’s in an image using image recognition technology and provide the users with the relevant filters and styles.

  1. Take Minor Design-Related Decisions

The Artificial Intelligence systems will also help the designers with the decision-making process. It will analyze the user interaction with the UI elements and other functionalities of the mobile app in real-time. Based on the insights gained, it will either take the minor decisions on its own, or cut down the efforts of the designers in doing so. In a nutshell, the technology will make the ‘decision taking’ process simpler, easier, and effective. The most relevant examples are Wix and Squarespace where AI technology is assisting the users with taking minor design decisions.

  1. Accelerate the Design Process

The AI tools will also accelerate the pace of designing by complete their sketches automatically. For example, Google’s AutoDraw lets the designers make a rough sketch of any design. The tool, using machine learning, learns what the user is trying to draw and provide with the relevant options. By doing so, it cut downs the efforts and time of the web and mobile app designers in designing a sketch – especially a complex one. Besides, it improves the quality of the services and encourages them to polish their skills.

  1. Suggest Better Alternatives

Another application of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Product Design is suggesting productive alternatives. The AI technology helps to design completely unique copies of the same design unique different colors, textures, shapes, and other design-related elements.

One such example is Nutella’s packing design. The AI algorithm employed dozens of colors and patterns to come up with 7 million unique and impressive versions of Nutella’s graphic identity.

Artificial Intelligence, as you can conclude from the aforementioned applications, is helping the mobile app designers to go an extra mile and give their best shot. But still, there are various people who fear that AI will replace designers. The technology will turn the mobile app designers and many other professionals jobless.

Do you too think like that? Do you also believe that AI will be the future of Mobile app design, but a terror to the mobile app designers? Share your views in the comment section below.

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